Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Specials - Live in Colchester

Many many thanks to Deco for this post.nice one fella, a feckin great gig that i know a lot of people have the video of the show but this is an audio rip so you can put it on yer mp3 players,cd's etc etc.i dont really need to say anything else about this gig except thanks again a great job and with covers and everything.please listen,enjoy and leave a comment for Deco.Thanks

UK Subs - Demos '77

A 4-track collection of subs demos recorded in 1977.the tracks featured are 'telephone numbers','disease','tomorrows girls' and 'stranglehold'.this is a brilliant sounding collection that is screaming to be played loud.a great punk e.p sort of thing.ive been listening to this as i type and stranglehold is packed with old school punk rock goodness.i really think youre going to like this as usual its time to crank this sucker up,enjoy some classic punk rock and then leave a comment on it.Thanks!!
Subs 77

Havana 3am - Joyride in Boston

Here is paul simonons post clash band havana 3am live in boston in 1991. please listen enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!

Friday, November 16, 2018


Evening we have for your reading enjoyment this evening ,all 11 issues of Punk Lives ! magazine.Originally published in '82/83 i think,it features all the bands you'd expect such as The Exploited,GBH,Alien sex fiend,Vice Squad,Serious Drinking,Peter and the testtube Babies etc etc from the time. I've really been enjoying reading it and im hoping you will too.All issues are presented in the easy to use PDF format so you'll have no trouble reading them on computers,kindles and i-pads etc.So now its over to you to read and enjoy and then leave a comment.Thanks very much
p.s if anyone has a PDF of the magazine Punks not Dead!(lasted 1 issue,written by Garry Bushell with a photo of Wattie on the cover)could you please get in touch.Cheers!

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Specials - Live Louisiana,New Orleans January 1980

REPOST:Good evening everyone in interweb land .For your listening pleasure this evening we present this wonderful "missing" show from the Specials recorded at the Warehouse in Louisiana  New Orleans on January 26th 1980.This show was very kindly donated by Lordgeorgejerry who didnt record the gig but who was there and owns the master recording of this show and he has very kindly sent me a d/l link for the show to post on the blog. I also have to thank Deco for doing a great job in splitting the file into individual tracks. As Lordgeorgejerry mentioned in his email to me he was at the show himself and remembers Neville hanging from the rafters singing "Monkey Man".They were opening for the police at this show and played a much better gig than them!!
Anyway its a great sounding show with 19 tracks for your listening pleasure. So id like you to listen enjoy,leave some comments thanking LGJ and Deco for their work.Thanks!
Specials 1980

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ultravox - Hamburg 78+Peel Session 77

as requested by Scott Oswald here is a good sounding live show from ultravox in hamburg recorded in 1978,and a peel session from 77.please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!sorry it took so long to repost mate :)
Ultravox Hamburg/Peel Session

Ramones - Live Washington DC 3rd June 1995

Morning all.This is a great live show from the Ramones from June '95 recorded in Washington.the sound on it is brilliant so it may well be a soundboard recording.Im not 100% sure but its great.Going through the muebles archives this morning and this was the second one i opened.I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as i do.Thanks for reading and if you can leave a comment,ask for reposts or requests etc and ill do my best to fill your request.Cheers


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Clash - This Is Dub Clash repost

another repost request kind of thing going on here and this offering is the "this is dub clash compilation" and it does exactly as it says on the tin.please listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
This is Dub Clash

Big Audio Dynamite - The B.A.D Files Vol.2

Good morning listeners. as vol.1 of this is proving really popular judging by the amount of downloads its had since posting recently i thought id crack on with vol.2 of this great compilation. Again many thanks to the person i originally procured them from, please make your self known if you remember sending them to me. anyhoo this one has 12 tracks for your listening pleasure. and all that remains is to listen, enjoy and then leave a comment. thanks!
The B.A.D Files Vol.2

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Starting with some repost shenanigans today, we have volume 1 of the Big Audio Dynamite files. In all there are 9 volumes for you to collect of which i have 8 and will continue to repost the rest should they prove popular.Its a collection of remixes, extended mixes,!2" only tracks etc etc.its always been a favourite here at Muebles towers so deciding to make this a repost was an easy decision.This first volume has 13 tracks in total for your listening pleasure.anyway continue to visit,listen and leave comments!thanks very much

The Specials - Live at the BBC December 2012

Morning all.Well today's offering is a recording of The Specials on the Steve Lamacq show from December 2012.A really intimate gig which sounds brilliant.Thanks very much to everyone who has visited so far on this return and left comments.Remember to leave a comment if you have any requests etc for new or for any re-posts. thanks for reading and happy listening!
The Specials BBC 2012

Monday, August 27, 2018


A bit of promotional work here for this years Weekend of the dead show.It takes place this year at The Pendulum Hotel in Manchester on the 3rd and 4th of November.There is a grand total of 14 guests this year from the cinematic world of the legendary director George Romero. This year you can meet Tom Savini,Ken Foree,Scott Reiniger,Jim Krut,David Crawford,Patricia Tallman,Randy Kovitz,Judith Ridley,Howard Sherman,Antone Dileo,William Butler,Richard France, Mike Gornick and Gary Streiner. The artist Graham Humphreys (responsible for this years poster((not the image above this post but it can be viewed on the web page)) and iconic posters,vhs cover art etc for films like The Evil Dead,Nightmare on Elm Street,Return of the Living Dead) will also be there.There are of course autograph opportunities,photo shoots,Q+A sessions, etc.There is a cosplay contest sponsored by Horrify Me,there will be merchandise stalls selling everything from films,posters,tshirts,and everything else in between. Also check out Creepy Crochet who will have a stall there too.Claire crochets wonderful soft toys of all your favourite horror for Creepy Crochet on Facebook too.Food and refreshments are also available at the venue and children's tickets are also available so bring the whole really is shaping up to be a huge event.for all your ticket needs and for all the information please click on the link below which will take you to the home page for the worlds greatest George Romero fan gathering.Hope to see you there.

The Specials - Hyde Park 2012

Evening all,long time no see.ive not done any posts on the blog for a long long time.For a lot of reasons i suppose,life getting in the way,work,gobshyte junior growing all adds up and doesn't give me a  lot of free time.but in a quiet moment while she is still away on her holidays i thought id try a post to see if there was any interest in the blog and whether it was worth starting it again.i check in sometimes and see that people come and check things out and still download things so thanks to all of you for keeping the blog alive.ive had to set up a new account to upload this post as its been so long since i used the last account to upload anything i cant remember the correct log in name or password!!
so lets give this a go shall we?this post is the Specials set from the Olympic closing ceremony concert at London's Hyde Park in 2012 which i went to myself.its a top quality recording taken from an FM broadcast.if you download please leave a comment just so i can see if people are enjoying what im posting.also if you have any requests for re-ups (and i can find the original cd's or files) i will do my best to accomodate your requests.thanks for reading and by the way it feels good to be back
specials 2012

Thursday, July 14, 2016


This is slightly different to my usual posts but i felt i had to plug it here.if you are a fan of George Romeros films then you need to check this out.On November 12th/13th this year (although tickets for the 12th have sold out!!) you will want to be at Manchester235 casino for this amazing fan run can meet some of the stars from Dawn of the Dead,Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead.This weekend is shaping up to be one truly unforgettable event.There will be interviews,photo sessions,merchandise stands,autograph sessions and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.for your chance to hang out with the stars pictured above click on the link below to find out how to obtain tickets for Sunday the 13th,but seriously dont delay they are selling out fast.Trust me you do not want to miss this !!

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Crabs - Live at The Vortex plus Peel session 1978

here we have a feckin brilliant blast of proper old school punk.recorded at the legendary vortex club in january of 1978.the band formed in Great Yarmouth in 1974 and were originally known as er.. Cosmic Love.never really hiting the big time they always seemed to pay support to the likes of xray spex and sham 69 etc.anyway kicking off with the theme from hawaii five O and throwing in two covers from the kinks we have a loud,fast and quite brilliant punk band.this is playing on the c.d player beside me as we speak.grab yourselves a slice of old school punk rock cake,listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
PLUS as a super bonus ive included their peel session for your enjoyment too!
The Crabs !!

The Drones - Peel session e.p

continuing the peel related reposts is this session from the drones.they started life as a manchester pub rock band in 1975 but by 1977 had reinvented themselves as a punk band.they moved to london playing at the legendary roxy club in covent garden.they also played a lot of gigs with the likes of xray spex, the vibrators and the december(?) of 1977 they recorded this 4 track session for mr peel at the bbc studios.i really like their storming version of the ronettes 'be my baby' which is included at your next pogotastic punk party remember to play this session.enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Drones Peel session

The Lurkers - Peel Sessions

REPOST REQUEST:while gobby junior is asleep ill continue with the peel reposts.this is another band that i have fond memories of seeing over the years,this set comprises their peel sessions from '77 and also some other BBC punk sessions.a great compilation for your collections.although its not the complete bbc punk sessions which used to be on the blog but now isnt(not sure why)so play this loud,pogo till your legs explode,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Lurkers peel sessions

Laurel Aitken and The ruts - Peel Session repost

Repost request time.its laurel aitken with his backing band for the day The Ruts.4 tracks from a peel session here.please listen enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks
Laurel aitken peel session

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Clash - St. Albans (request)

a great recording from the clash and a date on their infamous 'white riot' tour.supported by the jam ,the buzzcocks and the slits,this cd finds the clash at their early incendiary best.put this on a cd,put the disk in your hi-fi and play this sucker loud.enjoy some wholesome punk rock goodness and then leave a comment.thanks!
Clash 77

The Jam - Shepton Mallet 1982

a nice gift from camden dave this evening is this great live show from the jam recorded in 1982.its a good audience recording with a total of 27 songs for you.all that remains is for you to listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Clash - If music could talk vol. 1 + 2

Repost : this is a strange clash boot for you all today.i got it as a 2 disk cd-r a few days ago and honestly had never heard of it seems to be a compilation of other bootlegs from 'd.o.a' and 'rudeboy' etc.theres also some live tracks from unknown(to me anyway)sources but disk 2 has a few remixes etc that ive not heard recently and some mescaleros live pieces etc.also on disk 1 is a track called 'rudy ska' that is supposedly a recording from the clash and the specials but to me it doesnt sound like either of them(in fact i know it definitely isnt so not sure why its on here!).i think this bootleg was originally taken from vinyl sources or at least a vinyl version seems to exist.i must see if have any info on its have a listen and tell me what you think.if anything its another for the clash completists out then enjoy it and leave a comment.thanks!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Clash get mashed - Volume 2

Happy new year everyone out there in interweb land. i thought it was about time i posted something new on the blog what with it being a new year and everything and what better way to kick things off than with a nice new clash related post. This one started life as outside broadcasts vol.9 but i then decided to make this just a remix/mashup collection as i was collecting so many tracks from people that i thought id do a volume 2 of this one.anyway there are 31 tracks for your listening pleasure including 2 great ones from (check out the blog some great clash and non related stuff as well).so without further ado please listen, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Get Mashed Vol.2

The Clash and friends cover Louie Louie

hi all.ok id better explain a bit about this post.whilst listening ages ago to the clash version of garage punk classic 'louie louie' i remembered i also had several other versions of this track.i had ones by iggy pop,motorhead,the beach boys,the kingsmen,richard berry,black flag and so on.i thought it would be a good idea to try and compile as many other versions as i could.with all the ones i found this posting could easily have run for several postings,there are so many out there!ive put the ones i liked the best including all the ones mentioned above.theres some great instrumental and easy listening versions here anyway if you like this song and like me youre a bit of an obsessive nerd(my wifes words not mine!) then youll love here you go with 27 (yes 27!!) versions of one of my top 3 alltime favourite songs.sit back, listen, relax and enjoy this compilation of a proto-garage-punk-reggae-easy listening-headbanging classic.then leave a comment.thanks!

The Phantom Chords - Unreleased album

the following info is from ."Following the 1989 breakup of The Damned, Vanian, guitarist Roman Jugg and bassist Bryn Merrick formed the Phantom Chords with Brendan Moon (guitar) and Clyde Dempsey (drums). In 1990, the debut single by the band ("Johnny remember me", a cover of a Geoff Goddard song) was released in the UK.
However, although an 11-track album (including "Johnny Remember Me") was written, and Polydor planned to release it, this did not happen, and only two one-sided acetates of it exist."
this was a great band who i had the pleasure of seeing live at the borderline in london in about 1994ish and a great gig it was.they played a lot of their original stuff and if memory serves me correctly a damned cover or now its time for you all to listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s ive also included the 'b-sides' from the 12" johnny remember me for you all to enjoy!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Ruts - Acton Town Hall 1979

another ruts offering for you this evening.this cd finds the band performing live at at the acton town hall in be honest the sound is a little rough in places but still perfectly listenable.there are 14 tracks for you here including dope for guns,i aint sofisticated,and of course babylons without further waffle please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

The Clash II - Scargills Christmas Party 1984

This is a show recorded by The Clash II at Brixton Academy in December of 1984. It was a benefit gig for the families of striking coalminers in England and Wales. Its a really good sounding gig with 25 songs and another one cd i know youll want to keep. go here to to read the full story on this and pretty much every clash gig ever.its a great website with hours of reading to be done. now then,please listen, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!!
Working in a coalmine vol.2

The Ruts - Covers,Remixes,Mashups

Afternoon all.this little post you see before you is a nice 15 track collection of ruts and ruts dc cover versions,remixes and mashups.One of the tracks is the ruts themselves recorded in cardiff in 78 i think and is a brilliant version of Jah war with malcolm owen being on top form.a few versions of babylons burning,jah war etc and other songs you all know and love. i have more tracks for a vol.2 and will get round to posting them please listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Ruts Covers

Joe Strummer - This is Radio Joe

Evening listeners.As requested by Johnny Caramello here is a repost of this great compilation , consisting of a don letts radio 6 show tribute to joe strummer and 4 'episodes' of joe strummers show for the bbc world service.i dont know a track list for joes shows but after a quick listen it strikes me as being a kind of john peel type of show where joe would play whatever he liked which included the ramones, big youth, ella fitzgerald etc.each of joes shows lasts about 30 mins so they make ideal podcast kind of listening.anyway they make for an interesting listen and i like them and hope you will once again kids its time to listen, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
This is Radio Joe

John Peel - Desert Island Discs

Morning all. while going through various hard drives and dvds this morning looking for vols 1+2 of the joe strummer 5 night stand(which i still havent found!!) i found this little gem. its a podcast version of john peels day on D.I.D which was originally broadcast in 1990.its about 40 mins long and is a great listen for fans of Mr. Peel. Unfortunately it doesnt include full versions of the tracks he chose but its still a great please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
John Peel - Desert Island Discs

Sex Pistols - Winterland Soundcheck 1978

greetings pop pickers!. got this little gem this morning from camden dave so i thought id take a short break from B.A.D to repost it here. Its the soundcheck from the infamous gig at the Winterland in Jan of 1978. Theres a lot of on stage jamming, sid playing ramones bass lines, the band run through a few numbers and lots of banter and swearing between the band and others. Anyway it runs about 20 mins in total. the sound is brilliant throughout but i suggest turning it up and hooking up a pair of good headphones to capture it in all its glory. you all know the history of this gig so without further ado please listen, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Winterland Soundcheck 1978

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