Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Specials - Staten Island '81

todays post is a great specials live show from 1981 recorded at the paramount theatre on staten island ,new york.a great sounding show with the chance to hear tracks like 'the boiler' and 'international jet set' plus an unbelievable version of 'sock it to em j.b'.so once youve listened,enjoyed and danced yourselves silly with this,come back to the computer and leave a comment.thanks!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Clash - Screen on the Green

here today for your listening pleasure we have this excellent recording of the clash playing the famous 'screen on the green' gig ,sharing the bill with the buzzcocks and the sex pistols.i know there is an official 2-disk version of this with the other bands sets as well but this is the version i have.the track listing on the cd cover isnt strictly accurate as some songs are incorretly named and lack edits between songs etc,but the sound quality is very good so its definitely worth a listen.anyway as usual go to for more info on this gig and after listening and enjoying come back here and leave a comment.thanks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Specials - Manchester 1979

hello campers and welcome to another wondeful day here at muebles towers.for your entertainment this afternoon we have a gig by coventrys finest recorded in 1979.a great version of gangsters and liquidator are amongst the highlights for play this repeatedly ,enjoy some moonstomping ska and then tiptoe to the computer and leave a comment.thanks!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Clash - Swindon Remote Control

i love these show from the 'white riot tour'.a great blast from punks glorious past.a lot of people may not like them because of what they consider inferior sound but this for me is what gives it a bit of soul.anyway enough nonsense from me here is what had to say about this the way if you even have only a passing interest in the clash you should definitely check out this site for a wealth of information on the band.anyway over to them:
"This is a decent audience recording which captures the primitive but charged sound and equipment of the White Riot Tour very well. It is from the master but suffers some tape drop-out problems. There is good clarity with little distortion. All the instrumentation comes through well particularly Paul’s bass. Vocals are the weakest aspect, being distant but not very poor. This together with the limited range of sound makes it, in terms of other recordings from this tour, on a par with Plymouth, which has better vocals but significant distortion."
so you get the idea!so now its time to listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lux Interior - R.I.P

well i thought i should post a cramps boot today in a sort of tribute to the late great Lux Interior the legendary frontman from the kings of psychobilly.he died recently from heart problems and the world of music is a sadder place today with his death.not much to say about this short and blistering set recorded in seattle in '81(?).listen to this and remember all those great nights at venues like the astoria in london and remember this excellent live performer.Lux you will be sorely missed.

The Specials - Boston Paradise 1980

greetings viewers.todays first post is this one from the specials recorded in bostons paradise club on their seemingly endless us tour in 1980.i remember buying a copy of this about 12 years ago on cassette from camden market and this copy(courtesy of camden dave once again!) sounds fairly similar to my old tape copy i.e the sound isnt the greatest in places but is definitely worth a place in any specials fans play this a couple of times,enjoy it and then leave a comment.thanks!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Clash - No leafs and Thieves

This is a show from the clash 'take the 5th' tour.Arguably the best performance of the tour; The Clash blast frenetically through the set 77 style, little or no breaks between songs. The Clash’s charged performance was a response to the audience who went berserk, smashing seats, gobbing, pogoing, invading the stage at the end in a reflection of 1977. Both Canada gigs similarly resulted in stage invasions, in marked contrast to the majority of US audiences who were restrained in their response, baffled by the new material.
thanks to for this info
so now listen,enjoy then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s the cd cover is labelled 'safe canadian home' but the boot itself is called 'no leafs and thieves'!
new link below

The clash - all the young punks part 2

ok here is a track list for the post below.its quite similar to the d.o.a posting and to a couple of other boots floating about.but if like me your a completist then youll want it anyway.but you may want to check first.actually ill put the tracklist in the comments.for future posts ill try and ( if i remember )to post tracklists for boots that ive seen in other versions if that helps you decide to d/l or not.thanks to dz for bringing this to my attention.i cant believe i didnt notice before.cheers mate!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Clash - All the young punks

a great clash compilation that ive had for ages.i dont why ive not posted it before!this is a 2-disk version with a total of about 60 tracks if my maths is consists of demos and live tracks etc and is another must have for the clash obsessive amongst you! ive got another version of this compilation called ' live and loaded 1977 ' but the main difference between them seems to be a slighly different running order of all the tracks and different artwork.i also prefer this version.i think some of it comes from vinyl boots originally but dont let this put you off!anyways play it,listen and enjoy it,then skip merrily to the computer and leave a comment.thanks!

the clash - reposts part 2

woohoo.ive just finished reposting several clash links so hopefully everything is cool now.that should be all the problems solved for now.thankyou for your patience.happy listening!!!!!!once again just go to the original posts and follow the instructions.thanks again for visiting

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