Friday, May 31, 2013

Joe Strummer - KCRW Radio 30.9.99

Evening listeners.This is a post from a folder labelled "Strummer Various" thats been sitting around on the hard drive twiddling its thumbs for months waiting patiently to be posted. Its a 45 min show recorded in September of 1999 for KCRW radio and is a mix of an acoustic number or two, interviews which include his thoughts on 8track tapes and other assorted randomness and a selection of Joe's favourite tunes. anyway this is the first of several joe related posts to come (from this folder i mentioned earlier )very soon, including live shows and more interviews etc its over to you guys to listen enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Joe on KCRW

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calling Clash Fans - Should i buy this?

As you may have gathered by now i am a bit of a Clash obsessive.This mega deluxe box set is released in September and contains remastered versions of all studio albums,discs of demos rarities,live tracks ,dvd's of official videos,reprints of armagideon times,stickers badges etc etc etc and all presented in boom box style packaging designed by Paul Simonon. Now my dilemma as i own all the albums on vinyl and cd (although i cant find the sandinista vinyl!)is whether or not to buy this does come with some choice extras(although i dont know the track listing of the demos and rarities) and would look feckin great in my living room with the rest of my collection. On amazon its available to pre-order for £111.81p. if i dont get it now should i wait till it comes out and then risk having to pay more or take a chance that it will be available for a bit less. I missed out when the cd-singles box set came out first but want to get that as you can get it on amazon now for about £ what should i do?buy it or forget about it?wait and risk missing out?anyway over to you really appreciate your thoughts on this.thanks very much
The Clash Sound System.look on Amazon!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Specials - Live Louisiana,New Orleans January 1980

Edit:Good evening everyone in interweb land and a belated Happy Christmas to you all.For your listening pleasure this evening we present this wonderful "missing" show from the Specials recorded at the Warehouse in Louisiana  New Orleans on January 26th 1980.This show was very kindly donated by Lordgeorgejerry who didnt record the gig but who was there and owns the master recording of this show and he has very kindly sent me a d/l link for the show to post on the blog. I also have to thank Deco for doing a great job in splitting the file into individual tracks. As Lordgeorgejerry mentioned in his email to me he was at the show himself and remembers Neville hanging from the rafters singing "Monkey Man".They were opening for the police at this show and played a much better gig than them!!
Anyway its a great sounding show with 19 tracks for your listening pleasure. So id like you to listen enjoy,leave some comments thanking LGJ and Deco for their work.Thanks!
new link for this show!!
p.s did Rico and Dick play at all shows on this tour?thanks

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Clash - On Broadway disk 4 the outtakes

another quality clash bootleg this the on broadway interview disk(which i will post later)this one was made up to look like it could have been an official part of the boxset.the disk is even stamped 'promotional use only'.comprising rehearsals,demos and alternate mixes etc its a great disk for your collection.track 1 is a brilliant version of 'rock the casbah' with ranking roger toasting on the meantime listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
on broadway the outtakes!

Joe Strummer - Live at HMV

As requested by MARC POP this is an 8 track session recorded at the HMV shop in Oxford street in sunny london town.joe and the mescaleros are on top form and its a great play loud,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Joe at HMV

Dicks Sporting Goods
Dicks Sporting Goods