Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Clash - FHTE2 - The Outtakes

This is a repost as requested by Legion63 (sorry it took so long!)it is the from here to eternity outtakes collection.please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
P.s some info regarding where the tracks were recorded:(cheers Camden dave)
Tracks 1-3: December 28th, 1978 Lyceum, London 
Tracks 4-7: February 18th, 1980 Lewisham Odeon, London 
Track 8: June 8th 1981, Bonds Casino, New York 
Tracks 9-13: May 10th 1981, Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam


chowbent said...


PogueMahone said...

Many thanks !!

Jobe said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you, been looking for this one!

legion63 said...

Any chance of an upload of this please. Many thanks. Cheers.

Mac said...

Thank you, this sounds great. Do you have any info regarding the recording date(s)/venue(s)?

gobshyte said...

There you go Mac,ive updated the post description with what ive been told are the dates and venues for this compilation.thanks for commenting!

Javier Chavez said...

thanks man you did it my day !!!

legion63 said...

No need to apologise mate. Just many thanks for uploading. Much appreciated sir. All the best!


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