Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Specials - Glasgow April 2009

ok to those of you who havent downloaded this already you may need to download all 3 links(the second two are quite small so dont worry!)and then cut and paste the incomplete files.i dont know why this happened so hopefully doing it this way will sort it.cheers
first off thanks to madphil for the headsup on this one and to camden dave for the technical bits and pieces and to the recorder of this gig (whoever he or she may be!).this is a great quality audience recording of the specials very recent glasgow gig.24 tracks of moonstomping ska for you all to enjoy.i dont really need to say anything else for this except enjoy yourselves then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s apparently some people have had a few problems with 3 of the tracks,so i ripped the offending 3 tracks again for you.ive checked these ones by downloading myself and they all worked fine for me.sorry for the inconvenience.cheers!new link below
ok this is weird.i dont know why this is happening but 2 more songs have had problems here they are for you to download.if anyone would just like me to re-up the whole show instead just let me know.thanks very much and once again i apologise for any problems you may have experienced whilst flying Air Muebles.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Clash - Dday in Dallas

to finish things off today i give you this snappily titled clash boot 'd-day in dallas'.another great sounding boot which once again must be a soundboard recording. once again have more info on the technical side of things and reviews from people who play this sucker loud,play it again,enjoy it so much you play it a 3rd time then come back here and leave a comment.thanks!
d-day in dallas.rar

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Clash - friday night,saturday morning

greetings on a wonderful day in sunny london town.todays offering is another cd-r from the days of the clash II and their infamous busking tour of various towns around britain.this is taken from the may 9th appearance at ripon and st.johns college and im going to be honest i really like it.the sound is very good and theres an interview with john warburton of radio york as well to finish things off.if you go to there is some great info on the whole busking tour and an interview with john warburton as well which makes for interesting play it loud,enjoy in the sunshine and then tomorrow when its probably going to rain again leave a comment.thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Live from The Roxy

on a recent trip to the 'record and tape exchange' in londons berwick street i got this brilliant live compilation cd for £2.its a great quality live compilation taken from previous roxy compilation albums and other live roxy club recordings by some of the artists.the sound on it is very good indeed and features an interesting drum intro to 'oh bondage up yours' and a fantastic version of 'smash it up'.so its a great listen and a great piece of punk history.i didnt scan the cover so i borrowed this one from the interweb.anyhoo play this loud,pogo,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Specials - Live 10/4/09

ok even hotter of the presses today here is part 2 of the specials live on the Jools Holland show.once again they perform 2 numbers,the ones today being 'man at c+a' and 'little bitch'.there is also mp3s included of each song and also the video of the interview they did with mr. holland.seriously i cant wait for the 12th of may at brixton academy.its going to be great.i wonder when the first recordings of the tour will appear?rumour has it the band are releasing a live album from the tour but we'll wait and the meantime,listen,watch,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Specials - live 7/4/09

ok listeners.this one is hot off the presses.last night the specials did two tracks on the jools holland show and thanks to my nephew who has one of those fancy dvd recorder thingys i got this today.its their performances of gangsters and a message to you rudy in both mp3 format and the video of each performance.just a little taster to whet your appetites for the tour starting soon.the performances are great by the way,full of energy and it hardly seems like theyve been away at notch all round.anyways now its time to watch on your tellys and then listen on your mp3 playing devices,enjoy yourself and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s i just heard that on the friday (longer running time) repeat of the jools holland show they perform 2 more songs(not sure which ones yet!)and give an interview.ive already got my nephew to fire up the dvd recorder so i can get the rest of the performance ready for the meantime here is the link for the first 2 songs!

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