Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Buzzcocks - Live S.F '79

good morning campers.for breakfast this morning why not try a delicious bowl of 'buzzcocks' recorded live in san fransisco in 1979.its got a total of 17 nutricious tracks packed full of punktastic goodness.silly intros aside its actually a really good recording(although it does waver in places,but not unlistenably'll see what i mean!)anyway its all good so get listening,enjoying and then leave a comment if you feel like it.thanks!
if my computer is working you should be seeing the download link right about now...................................

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rico Rodriguez - Roots to the Bone

Roots to the Bone is a 1995 reissue (sort of!)of ricos album 'man from wareika' with a few additional 12" cuts recorded during the 1970's.its 14 songs in total and a great listen for all reggae and ska fans and 2-tone completists etc enjoying listening to the album as i type and i hope you all listen,enjoy it as well and then leave a comment.thanks!
all things being well the d/l link should be just below this line.cheers

Friday, February 12, 2010

Misty in Roots - The Peel Sessions

after watching the dvd of the recent ruts benefit show for foxy i felt i had to post this.they were one of the bands on the line-up and they were excellent.what a great show that was and i thought henry rollins was a fantastic vocalist for the night.anyway back to this post.its a compilation of 3 sessions(i think!).i have the dates and a full cover somewhere so until then youll have to make do with this one i found on the fave track on here is 'wanderer' and its a great,great you all probably know the ruts sung 'jah war' was written about clarence baker, a member of the collective of singers and musicians that made up the original lineup of the there you have it.put this on loud,relax,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
here you go with the d/l link

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Clash - Munich 77

thanks to help and advice from silentway at and 'anonymous' i bring you this cracking bit of clash video.i got sent this by camden dave but he didnt have any info on it apart from what he got from (thanks to them for this picture of the clash as well).i had a look there and it appears some of it is used in an official video called 'punk in london' but this video has german subtitles and end credits etc.i dont know if this is the original recording or anything else about it but its great.its got concert footage and interviews etc.maybe someone reading this could shed some light on this post for me.anyway burn this to a disk,play it loud on your t.v,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
if you have any probs with this link let me know.cheers

*I need some help!!!*

greetings listeners.i have an excellent short film about the clash recorded in munich in 1977.its about 250mb and runs about 18 mins in problem is that with winrar i have no idea how to split it into 100mb files so i can u/l it to mega upload or you know on winrar it gives you a choice of several ways to split the files but ive no idea what they mean or how to use them.can someone please explain to me in very non-technical terms how to do this please?im sure i asked this before but ive forgotten everything i was told.i hope someone can help cos this clash video is great and will be worth the d/l !!
thanking you in advance. GOBSHYTE

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