Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Clash II - Scargills Christmas Party 1984

This is a show recorded by The Clash II at Brixton Academy in December of 1984. It was a benefit gig for the families of striking coalminers in England and Wales. Its a really good sounding gig with 25 songs and another one cd i know youll want to keep. go here to to read the full story on this and pretty much every clash gig ever.its a great website with hours of reading to be done. now then,please listen, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!!
Working in a coalmine vol.2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this !!!

96dbFreak said...

Fantastic! I was at that gig. Never thought I'd hear it again. Thanks!

96dbFreak said...

I was at that gig!~ I never thought I'd hear it again. Thanks a lot!

drew h said...

Slightly off topic, well totally if I'm honest. they shut One step brighter down a while back It's reappeared in 2 guises to confuse not only me but the rest of the Belfast population.
On blogger it's called Same Song and can be found here

and as One step brighter here


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