Wednesday, October 22, 2008


this is about Madeleine Mccann.Please read below and try to help with information to help find her

Madeleine was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz,Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday. She was takenfrom the holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst her Mum and Dad were dining 50 yards away.Despite a massive investigation led by the Portuguese police andsupported by the British police, still do not know who has taken her,why she was taken or where she is. In addition, private investigators basedin Spain are now following up any leads regarding Madeleine’s disappearance.Please keep Madeleine in your thoughts. And please – remain vigilant.For more information go to Blogs/myspace/facebook/bebo/forums/ websites copy this post to your site or email to friends.

Monday, October 20, 2008

****Important Message no.2****

ok then loyal readers.this may be the last post for the next few weeks as i am in the middle of organising a house move back to London from sunny spain!most of my stuff is packed up and ready for shipping so until i get settled in a new flat and sort an internet connection out i wont be able to do any posting.hmmmm....unless i use the computer at my new job,thats a possibility unless the boss finds out.
so coming later this month we have more great live concerts from the specials,some excellent clash live boots,a film from the clash called 'on broadway' by don letts,some clash remix mashup type of things and a whole load of other top music related goodies and more to stay tuned to mondo-de-muebles for possible occasional updates live and direct from my new job.if there is anyone who has requests etc either leave them in the comments or in the c-box.thanks a lot to everyone who has been leaving messages recently,they are really appreciated.
see ya later
p.s fredd the photos are coming soon i promise!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Clash - Atlanta 2.10.79

this is another show from the 'take the 5th tour'.The tour swings down south into Georgia and Texas but without the Undertones who left after the Toronto gig. The band and particularly Joe were excited and inspired by playing in the southern states for the first time. Money problems continued; with Epic not coming through, the road crew were particularly difficult with drastic measures needed by Johnny Green and Baker.Pennie Smith was at the gig taking photos; one at least is credited to Atlanta on the back cover of London this is a great sounding gig but with an edge to it.i cant explain what but listen for yourselves,play it loud till the neighbours threaten to call the police,then turn it down and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s thanks to for the info above.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

****important message****

ive had a problem with the sex pistols 'pirates of destiny' post.someone emailed asking for a password when i dont actually remember setting one!!i tried to d/l it myself and the 1st time it asked for a p/w and the 2nd time it didnt!!so i ripped the cd again and tried again and it should be fine now.sorry for any is the new link for anyone whos had just seems weird that its had 35 downloads and this is the 1st time anyone has asked for a p.w.anyway apologies again loyal readers

The Clash - Tribal Stomp Festival

a really good clash boot for you today from the californian tribal stomp festival.this was a festival set up by Chet Helms who was a music promoter in san fransisco during the late 1960's.
With London Calling only just in the can The Clash flew out to California to fulfil their last pre-Blackhill commitment at the Tribal Stomp Festival and leaving Bill Price responsible for the final mixes. Monterey was not part of the official Take The 5th Tour.The Clash fired up by the event, and by accounts a combination of booze and speed, delivered a show of pure adrenalin. Joe flung himself back into the drum kit as if he’d been shot after the first line of I’m So Bored With The USA, causing the audience to leapt to its feet and creating the dramatic photos used in the New York Times. (thanks to

The Ruts - Deeply Vale Festival 1978

The Deeply Vale Festivals were a unique rock festival held in northwest England in 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979. Chris Hewitt was one of the main organisers of the event and went to produce many other festivals and concerts and start a record company Ozit Morpheus Records.. Starting with an audience of 300 camping for two days in 1976, the festival grew by 1978 and 1979 to 20,000 people watching bands and camping for six days. The Home Office-sponsored body that reported on many pop festivals from the mid 1970's- Festival Welfare Services- said in a report on the 1978 that Deeply Vale Festival "was actually better organised than the large Bob Dylan concert at Blackbushe the same summer". It was the biggest free festival in England ending its annual run after four years in 1979.(from
this performance from The Ruts is from the '78 festival when the band were still a relatively unknown quantity outside london.the band may seem a little rough and ready here at times but there is no denying the energy that simply oozes from this disk.babylons burning and jah wars are two tracks here that will simply melt your speakers!this is a fantastic document of one of the best live punk bands and this disk should be in everyones collection.anyhoo with that in mind put this disk on,crank the volume way up,pogo and enjoy the marvellous musical stylings of south londons finest 'the ruts'.and then leave a comment.thanks!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Clash - Guns of Brixton

if you are a fan of the clash then you will love this recording of a concert from the palladium theatre in new york from 1979.superb sound quality from this WNEW fm broadcast.i know this station did a lot of concert broadcasts so i know that its quality all the way.which reminds me i have a cd of a ramones show from '82 somewhere that they broadcasted which i must dig out.anyhoo,play this one loud,really really loud,listen,enjoy and when the people downstairs bang on the ceiling asking you to be quiet its time to tiptoe to the computer and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s i have alternate artwork for this if anyone is interested.

The Clash - Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg

"Combat Rock was originally planned as a double album with the working title Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, but the idea was scrapped after internal wrangling within the group. Mick Jones had produced the first cut, but the other members were dissatisfied and producing duties were handed to Glyn Johns at which point the album became a single LP. The original cut has since been obtained and subsequently bootlegged."(from wikipedia)
this is a strange boot only because i have it in 3 different versions.this one is a single disk version but i also have it in a 2 disk version which includes this posting plus a whole load of demos from these sessions.i also have a version called combat out-rock which features a slightly different track listing to the one posted here.anyway for all the clash fans that come to visit the blog this ones for you.i will post the other versions later if anyone is interested.leave a message in the c-box if youd like to hear them.ok then its time to listen to this public service announcement with guitars.enjoy then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s some more clash goodies to come later today.stay tuned!

The Specials - Hey little rich girl

this is a really nice piece of footage from a japanese gig from 1980.the song performed here is 'hey little rich girl' and again finds the band on top form.also included here is an mp3 of the same footage to play and listen to however you after putting this footage on a disk to watch on your tellyboxes and then dancing and enjoying it,dance back to the computer and leave a comment.thanks!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Specials - Stereotype Live Dutch tv

evening all.i thought id post this for you today as the last lot of specials videos seemed quite popular.this is a performance of the song from the dutch t.v show out for a great performance from jerry.also included here for your enjoyment is an mp3 of the footage so you can put it on your i-pod thingys or on a cd etc etc.anyhoo play the video on your tv,dance around like jerry dammers and the listen to the tune on your cd player.enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Clash - Hamburg Riot '80

This is the infamous riot show where there was mayhem in the audience and on the stage, riot police battling with fans outside, and Joe was arrested for seriously assaulting a ‘fan’ with his guitar. His actions shocked Joe, and had a lasting personal impact on him.
He would raise the incident in a number of interviews there after. Joe said, “I nearly murdered somebody, and it made me realise that you can’t face violence with violence. It doesn’t work”. There is information on the night from three sources; German newspaper reports from the time, an eyewitness account described in Last Gang In Town, and interviews with Joe.there is also a track where a german punk gets on stage and is angrily shouting into the can read what he says and the three interviews at this excellent site
so now its time to play this loud, enjoy and bask in the glow of the clash for a bit then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s thanks to the guys at for the text you read here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Specials - Live in Seattle 1980

starting the proceedings today is another great bootleg from the muebles archives.this is the specials recorded live at the showbox venue in seattle.its a great quality audience recording which i believe was ripped from a cassette copy originally ( at least thats what camden dave told me! ) but its a great listen the jam the specials were always a great live band brimming with energy and this gig serves as a reminder of how great they here back in the day.listening to the opening chant from concrete jungle always reminds me of fights at school!oh happy you should know by know what you need to do and thats dust off your loafers and harringtons,play this little gem,enjoy,dance like you just dont care and then skank to the computer and be brave and leave a comment.thanks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Jam - Live in N.Y 1978

post no.3 today finds us in good shape and in the middle of a u.s tour by the jam in 1978.ive not found out too much info on the interweb about this gig but i believe that the dickies were the support act on at least one of the dates.that for me would have been a fantastic gig to see.anyway a good sound quality recording here on this c.d with a really nice version of London Traffic being a highlight for me.does anyone know if this club still exists?anyhoo put on your dancing shoes,play this loud, enjoy and then sneak up on your computer and scare it by leaving a comment.thanks!

The Jam - Live at the Rainbow '79

for the 2nd post this month another fine show from the jam from their 1979 tour.recorded at the rainbow theatre in sunny londons finsbury park its another testament to what an exciting live band they were.i believe this was originally a bootleg which was later released as the bonus disk from the 'BBC box set' but was only limited edition so it has now resurfaced as a boot again!
so put on your parka and your sta-press trousers,crank this up to 11 and dance like it was 1979.oh yeah, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Jam - Live at the 100 club 1977

ok for my first post this month and my first post as a married man!(yes i got married last week) im posting this,a great live jam show from 1977.broadcast on an american radio station (not sure which one) its a great boot and worth listening to for the 'troy mclure' style intro and outro alone(and some lightning fast versions of early jam tracks and soul covers).so put this on,pogo,sit down with some tea and cake and enjoy.oh yeah then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s for some more great 'Jam' stuff visit Judge Fredd .a really top bloke so go and download some tunes from his blog and say hello

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