Friday, February 21, 2014


morning all.these guys sent me some links which you can see in the comments for the Culture peel sessions post. Anyway here is one link GENIUS where you can listen to a stream of their album BIRTH CHOICE DEATH or buy a digital copy for just a few dollars. anyway they are 3 guys from Busan in south korea and they rock.i really recommend this album ,im listening to it as i type and its really good, fast punk pop with infectious hooks and melodies that has me bouncing as i type. i cant recommend this enough and GENIUS if you guys are reading i hope you make it to london one day for gigs i would love to come and see you guys live.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Culture - Peel Sessions

This great peel sessions post comes courtesy of Neil in Lewisham. Culture are a reggae band formed in 1976 and became huge favourites with punks at the time particularly the track "two sevens clash" which is featured here along with 3 other tracks for your listening pleasure. Many thanks neil for this link.anyways please listen, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Culture Peel sessions

The Clash - Armagideon Times vol.1

afternoon all.this one does exactly as it says on the tin. Armagideon Times vol.1 in all its glory,presented in pdf format for your mobile reading devices. Okay for an old bugger like me some of the small print is a wee bit hard to read but until a better copy comes along this will definitely please read, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Armagideon Times vol.1

The Art Attacks - Outrage and Horror

this (repost request)comes courtesy of the art attacks.proper old school punk on offer here with an (un)official? collection of singles , live tracks etc.some gems here including the classic ' i am a dalek' and 'chickens in finland'.anyway fun for all the listen,enjoy and then leave a coment.thanks!

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Dicks Sporting Goods