Friday, September 20, 2013

The Clash - Audio Ammunition

Evening all.Thought id start with a bit of advice. If any of you are in London or are planning to come to London before this Sunday Sept the 22nd get yourselves down to 75 Berwick Street(just off Oxford Street) to the Black Market Clash pop up shop/exhibition. Its feckin great. I went there today and to be able to see so many iconic pieces of clash ephemera is a chance not to be missed.(my 2 year old daughter slept through it!)I will post some photos if anyone cant make it down and would like to see any.
So when i got home in the email inbox was a link for this piece you see above. Id not heard of it before getting it but apparently its a new 5 part mini documentary(in its original form)featuring video interviews with all of the band,Joe strummer appearing courtesy of unused clips from The future is unwritten i think,and i believe the whole thing ties in with the exhibition and release of the box set etc etc.anyway this is the documentary but in a single podcasty mp3 kind of thing with all 5 parts joined as you know im a bit of a technophobe so ive no idea how the sender(thanks to jimbo in antrim for the link!)was able to do this.ive just looked on youtube and just watched part 1 there.anyway each part is about a studio album and the whole thing lasts a little over 40 mins.does anyone know or have a link to a file where i can watch all 5 parts in one go?surely someone must be able to join all 5 parts together?If you can please get in touch via the please listen to this,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Audio Ammunition

The Clash on Broadway - the interviews

this is a must for those of you looking to complete your on broadway box set.its a promo disk that comprises interviews! and some tracks from the box set as well.very high quality sound and cover was originally produced as a promotional disk for record shops when the on broadway set was first released.go out and try and buy the original issue of the comes in an amazing box with 2 wonderful books : an illustrated lyrics book and a song by song breakdown of the box set essential purchase for all serious clash fans and collectors.
so its over to you to play this disk,listen,enjoy,play it again and then leave a comment.thanks!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Clash - Brixton 30th July 1982 Soundboard Upgrade

Morning all. Continuing with posts from the clash we have this post (a repost request!)from the band recorded at Brixtons Fair Deal(now the academy fact fans!) in july of 1982. i know there is a soundboard upgrade of this floating about somewhere but i cant find it anywhere so if anyone is aware or could send me a copy that would be much appreciated.its 23 tracks for your listening pleasure.the sound is good but not brilliant but its a great show and one i know you will please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!!
*EDIT* Many thanks to phil for sending the link to this nice one mate.This SBD upgrade is also 28 tracks for your listening pleasure.Thanks
Brixton Riot SBD Upgrade

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