Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ranking Roger - Radical Departure

this 3rd offering today is a 1988 solo album from ex-beat and general public singer ranking roger.consisting of a mix of styles from reggae/ska to an almost punkish track called 'point of view' this should definitely brighten your day and deserves to be in your play it loud when sitting in the sun,listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
new link below
p.s ive just checked this again and it all works fine for me.hope this sorts it out for those of you had problems with it.sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for letting me know.some more ranking roger stuff to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks gobshyte, This is brilliant! I've been searching for this for ages. I bought the Vinyl album played it about 10 times then broke my record player. I once saw a Japanese import cassette of it!really looking forward to hearing it again.

cheers Fishface

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... got an error message whilst un-compressing it, saying that the files were damaged... but six tracks worked okay. Any ideas? I really do wanna hear this!

gobshyte said...

its happened before but im not really sure what the problem is.ive uploaded it to rapidshare as a rar file and ive d/l it myself and it works ok.ill hope fully put the new lonk up later if i get off work early!!

Anonymous said...

Works a treat now... many kind thanks!

very metal said...

Ta very much for this - I had the cassette about many years ago that I lost when I went off to college. I've been looking for it ever since.


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