Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dexys Midnight Runners - Peel Session e.p

a bit of dexys reposting for you today.its a session recorded at BBC manchester so i believe for the john peel show in february 1980.this is a great peel session it sounds fantastic.there are four tracks here and you cant not like it.captain skalett was wondering what they always carried around in their holdalls.i reckon it was something like in the briefcase in pulp fiction but who knows.any ideas anybody?whatever you think it was you have to play this loud,really really loud,make trombone noises when Geno is playing,enjoy the session and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s Happy St Patricks Day


redskins67 said...

Another Great Download! Mega Live Sound!!

Anonymous said...

Another Top Posting!
Many,Many Thanks.
Mr C.
[Sunny Southampton]

Jason said...

Great to hear these after years of searching for them.

TC said...

Excellent stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Saw your post on punkfriction. Sorry, didn't read it in time and handed my last remaining punk fanzines over to someone on Sunday. Apologies. Great blog you've got by the way. Please keep up the great work.
Cheers, Jon

Captain Skalett said...

Nice one.....I can remember owning a Joe90 briefcase in one of my yesteryears. But i could never open it, my Grandad always had to do it. Maybe that's the secret of the holdall, they couldn't open it.. Or were they carrying Jockie Wilson's darts!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, better than my old tape from the radio with a hand-held microphone.

NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe put it on your links

thanks and keep up the good work!

Nazz Nomad said...

yeah- the real dexys!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the good Dexys at the great John Peel. Double-Thx for that. Sounds really great.

Peter said...

Many thanks for the Dexys shows!

Anonymous said...

From Paris, France many, many thanxs !!! great sound and Dexy's in superb form.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've wanted to hear this stuff for so long. What a relief!
Best version of Tell Me When My Light Turns Green turns out to be a Peel Session... who woulda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this

IJG said...

Thanks for the share

Andy D said...

Brilliant yet again !!!

bristolboy said...

bit more info for you

Recorded 26 02 1980

Aired 13 03 1980

Recorded : maida vale studio 4

By ; Bob Sargeant / Mike Robinson

Kevin Rowland voc
Al (Kevin) Archer guitar voc
J.B. AKA Geoff Blythe tenor sax
Steve "Babyface" Spooner alto sax
Pete Williams bass voc
Stoker drums
Andy Leek Keyboards voc
Big Jim Pattersom trombone

nwt679 said...

Nice one. Cheers


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