Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

just realised the blog celebrated its 4th birthday a few weeks ago.never thought id make it 1 month but 4 years?anyway its been a blast so far and i hope i can(gobby junior and work permitting!!)keep going for more.thanks to all for visiting,leaving comments,nicking posts and then reposting them elsewhere,making requests,sending links,cd's,dvds,concert tickets and other assorted bits of tat(!)through the post,ive loved all of it.please keep sending stuff (posters ,flyers badges and tshirts would be nice!!)as we raise a glass or two to another 4 years.
If anybody who has a band or label wants a bit of free publicity please feel free to send cd's demos,stickers etc to me (a postal address can be provided)and i will post them,give them as prizes in competitions(now theres an idea!),as i think its about time to move part of the blog in a new direction and try and help in whatever way i can to promoting new music,bands and venues.ive been thinking about doing this for a while and i think with your help we can really do something brilliant.thanks for visting and leave comments letting me know what you think!
p.s thanks to judge Fredd at inspiring me to start a blog in the first place.merci monsieur

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sham Pistols - Natural Born Killer

many thanks to reggie for this one.its the sham pistols demos recorded at the Manor Studios in Oxford, June 1979.
The other 4 tracks were the encore tracks recorded at the Apollo theatre, Glasgow, 29th June, 1979.anyway a lot of you will have already heard the sham pistols gig from somewhere else on this blog but this is the first time ive heard these demos so many thanks again mate.anyway i hope you all listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s i know i have repost requests to do(i havent forgotten!)its just easier to post the links at the moment rather than re-ripping cd's which isnt a whole lot of fun to be honest!!but they will happen,honestly.thanks for waiting

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Specials and Blur in Hyde Park 2012

Evening all just a quick request.did anyone manage to record the specials and blur sets from the hyde park concert last night?i went but would love to get a recording of both sets if anyone could help,it would be much appreciated.i believe they were broadcast on absolute radio.
Thanks very much

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ultravox - Reading Festival 1977

as requested by jonno13 here is the first of the 3 pre midge ure ultravox shows that i have.this one was recorded at the reading festival in 1977 and is 11 tracks for your listening pleasure. the sound quality is really quite good (a lot better than you would think!).anyway jonno-13 ill try and post the other two shows hopefully tonight if i get a chance when gobby junior has gone to bed(shes having lunch now so i have a few mins at the computer!).anyways please listen enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s does anyone have the video for Madness at pinkpop 1981.i have only a few clips from it that someone downloaded a while back for me from youtube.(dont know how it was done!and still dont understand!!!)anyhoo if you do please get in touch.thanks very much

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Professionals - Live L.A repost request

a non peel related repost this evening for foleshillbwoy who requested something from the professionals.its a live offering from them recorded in LA in april 1982.13 tracks on this one and another lovely set of cover art by yours truly,no surprises really so its over to you to listen, enjoy and then for a laugh leave a comment.thanks!
p.s some more professionals to come soon.i just want to do mainly peel reposts for a bit as there is quite a bit to get through.thanks!

Boomtown Rats - Peel Sessions repost

good evening listeners.this evening we have another excellent peel session collection and this one was recorded by dublins finest the boomtown rats in 1977 and listening to this as we speak and its brings back a lot of great memories of growing up in dublin especially the track 'living in an island' and the town i grew up dun laoghaire.many an hour was spent in the arcade on georges street playing battlezone etc and listening to this and lot of s.l.f and the selecter on the jukebox.happy days!so hopefully this post will bring back good memories for you please listen enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Babes in Toyland - Peel Sessions

Evening all,continuing with more peel related reposts this evening.i first heard this band on an NME compilation cassette years ago and the song catatonic,which is the first track on this peel session album recorded at various dates between 1990 and 92.ive still got the cassette somewhere and it also had madness,the cure,the happy mondays etc on it amongst others so i must see if i can find it.(does anyone else remember this ?it had a silver cover with black writing and i think there was a track from the damned as well probably about 12 tracks in total,has anyone got it for posting please?)and i think i still have some of the babes in toyland sessions on vinyl somewhere as well.anyway this compilation was requested by dan so here you go mate.please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

The Moondogs - Peel Sessions

a peel session compilation from another of derrys great bands the moondogs.2 sessions recorded in 1980 and 1981 with a total of 8 tracks for your listening please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Stranglers - Peel Sessions '77

moving on today with reposts we have this compilation of 2 sessions recorded by the stranglers in 77.featuring great versions of 'hanging around' and 'something better change' this is another one most of you will know all the words play it at your next party,annoy your neighbours and then when youve been released from a night in the cells enjoy it again and then leave a comment.thanks!

Bow Wow Wow - Peel Session e.p repost

The first of several reposts coming up in the next few days(or whenever gobby junior gives me a chance!) is this 4-track rarity from bow wow wow.its their only peel session recorded in Oct 1980.dont know a lot about this session but i do have some nice 7" singles of theirs with coloured vinyl etc.anywayput this on and go back in time to the 80's and dance like you were back at a school disco.enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

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