Thursday, June 11, 2015

Adam and the Ants - Peel Sessions

hi kids.this morning on radio muebles we have this compilation of peel sessions the band recorded between 1978 and 1979.some nice tracks here this is a great compilation of the bands pre wild frontier play this loud,enjoy like you just dont care and then leave a comment.thanks!
adam ant peel

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Naz Nomad and the Nightmares - Give daddy the knife cindy

continuing with a damned sort of vibe we have another spin off from the is what wikipedia had to say about them.
"Naz Nomad and The Nightmares released one album entitled "Give Daddy The Knife, Cindy" in 1984. The album was packaged to look like the re-issue of a 1967 soundtrack album to a (fictitious) low budget American horror film. A copyright notice on the front cover claims the film was "Copyright 1967 American Screen Destiny Pictures", and credits are given for the film's stars, director and producer.
The album itself features covers of songs by g
arage rock and psychedelic acts who had influenced the Damned, plus two original numbers in the same style. Each member of the band took on pseudonyms different from those used in The Damned for the project."
another band i had the pleasure of seeing live when they supported the damned at the old 'town and country club' in london probably around 1993.anyway a great cd and one for you all to listen to,enjoy and then leave a comment on.thanks!

General Public - Rub it Better

next up today we have this album from general public originally released in 1995.featuring another mix of styles a lot of this album reminds me of big audio dynamite,tracks like punk and handgun particularly.anyway its a good album and worth checking out if youve not heard it after listening and enjoying,come back and leave a comment.thanks!

The Specials - 3 Demos

this is a post i got sent a while back and once again cant remember who sent it,so if its you please say hello so i can say thanks!its as its title suggests its 3 demos recorded i believe in 1981.ive been told before that one track is actually fun boy 3 but i was also told by another source that it was recorded in the same session as the other two tracks by the a bit confused now so ill leave it up to you to decide.i really like all the tracks and i think you will now all you have to do is listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dee Dee Ramone - I am seeing UFO's

Afternoon all. a slightly different post than normal. the usual link will take you to my ebay page where you can see the record above for the moment i also have a few Green Day picture discs for sale. Theres also a few old ramones and the damned and other punk related gig posters too.ill be slowly adding more vinyl and music related memorabilia ( including some sex pistols rare items)to the page in the next few days. ill also be doing some reposts to the blog asap for people too as its been far too long that ive been away. so thanks for reading and hopefully you will at least take a look at what i have. like with the blog if there is any memorabilia you are after please send me a message, you never know what will turn up in the muebles archives!!
Mention the blog when you buy something and get a free gift!
I am seeing UFO's

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Jam - More Studio Demos

afternoon all.this is 9 demo tracks recorded at 2 different studios in the UK between december 75 and september 76.some really nice tracks here but funnily enough the opening bars of track 1 'non stop dancing' remind me of status quo!!.give it a listen and let me know what you think.thanks again to gibbo for this now just enjoy this early session from the jam and then leave a comment.thanks!

Remembering Joe Strummer - Trash City Special

Afternoon listeners. This post is a gift from long time listener and contributor Jimbo from Antrim. Its a mega post recorded from a radio show and its a compilation of live tracks,studio interviews etc etc.i only got it this morning so havent listened to the whole thing yet but what i have listened to is brilliant.theres no proper cover art but a track list has been included for your convenience.its also in one long post so would make a great podcast type of thing.anyway please listen,enjoy say thanks to jimbo and leave a comment.thanks!
Trash City Joe Strummer

Friday, January 2, 2015

XL - I Wanna be a Ramone

Evening all and happy new year to you. quick post today. ive been searching for this track for years. i first heard it in about 2002 and have been looking for a copy since then. but finally someone came up trumps on facebook today. anyway now my quest has turned to finding out anything i can about this band. can anyone help? ive tried the usual search engine things but nada.all help would be really appreciated. thanks very much

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