Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ranking Roger - Inside my Head

final post today comes once again courtesy of mr. ranking roger.this is a brilliant album and includes a track written with neville staple of the specials.its an album id not listened to in a long time so it was great to hear it again.thanks to mike in devon for sending me without further ado,listen , enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Ranking Roger - Inside My Head.rar
p.s ive checked it and it all works fine!


Anonymous said...

something of the Members in concert??? pleaseeee

dz said...

Nice work with your last 4 post or so, I have the opportunity now to listen to this stuff I would not otherwise have.

Anonymous said...

Been visiting your blog for few weeks now, sorry took so long to say thanks. Great stuff, esp Clash, I think i love you lol - Gonk(was a gobshite now just an eejit)From Cork originally, cheers mate

Anonymous said...

sorry, I'm looking for Penetration LIVE 1978.
you help? thanks

Anonymous said...

penetration live where? got newcastle

gobshyte said...

if you could send a link or something for that 'penetration' gig that would be great.thanks very much.


Anonymous said...

Misfits - Famous Monsters ;-)

Anonymous said...

didn't know this album existed - many thanks!!


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