Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peel Sessions reposts

Morning all. well tomorrow im finally off on holidays. as these repost downloads have been flying out i will repost ALL peel sessions in 2 weeks when i return. Someone reported (anonymously) that the 999 link was down. it definitely isnt as ive just downloaded it myself so i dont know whats happening your end but it is fine. i suggest just trying again mate! all the best to everyone who bothers commenting and ill be back reposting very soon. if theres a particular session you want reposting first then leave a comment so i can get that one done straight away. there will also be a competition/ giveaway of sorts when i get back too. prizes include a Bad Religion tour poster, cds etc etc. i just need to think of questions first. so please read the above, leave a comment and thanks!

Friday, September 19, 2014

X-Ray Spex - Peel Session e.p

continuing the peel session reposts for this today is a great compilation from x-ray spex featuring some great pogo friendly tunes.included here amongst others are 'identity' and ' germ free adolescents' to name but two.i used to see poly styrene doing her shopping in sainsburys in dulwich (a supermarket in south london)but was always too shy to ask for her autograph.i actually used to take cd and record covers etc with me for her to sign but never plucked up the courage to ask her.anyway they were also a brilliant live band and ive had some wonderful nights going to see now its time for you to play it loud till the neighbours threaten to call the police again,enjoy that moment,then turn it down and leave a comment.thanks!
Xray Spex peel session

999 - Peel Session 1978

Starting a peel session repost request (as requested by Colonel Dan) is this session from 999.4 tracks featured here for your listening pleasure including my favourite 'homicide'.nothing else to say except play it really loud,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
999 peel session

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Jam - BBC Concert Newcastle 1981

Originally recorded by the BBC for the Rock Hour/Pete Larkin show in the USA this is a cracking sounding 14 track concert of the Jam at their incendiary best. It was recorded in Newcastle some time in 1981 on the Sound Affects tour i think but i dont have an exact date. anyway thats not important. what is important is that you listen, enjoy and then leave a comment. thanks!
The Jam Newcastle 1981

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