Friday, June 17, 2016

The Crabs - Live at The Vortex plus Peel session 1978

here we have a feckin brilliant blast of proper old school punk.recorded at the legendary vortex club in january of 1978.the band formed in Great Yarmouth in 1974 and were originally known as er.. Cosmic Love.never really hiting the big time they always seemed to pay support to the likes of xray spex and sham 69 etc.anyway kicking off with the theme from hawaii five O and throwing in two covers from the kinks we have a loud,fast and quite brilliant punk band.this is playing on the c.d player beside me as we speak.grab yourselves a slice of old school punk rock cake,listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
PLUS as a super bonus ive included their peel session for your enjoyment too!
The Crabs !!

The Drones - Peel session e.p

continuing the peel related reposts is this session from the drones.they started life as a manchester pub rock band in 1975 but by 1977 had reinvented themselves as a punk band.they moved to london playing at the legendary roxy club in covent garden.they also played a lot of gigs with the likes of xray spex, the vibrators and the december(?) of 1977 they recorded this 4 track session for mr peel at the bbc studios.i really like their storming version of the ronettes 'be my baby' which is included at your next pogotastic punk party remember to play this session.enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Drones Peel session

UK Subs - Demos '77

A 4-track collection of subs demos recorded in 1977.the tracks featured are 'telephone numbers','disease','tomorrows girls' and 'stranglehold'.this is a brilliant sounding collection that is screaming to be played loud.a great punk e.p sort of thing.ive been listening to this as i type and stranglehold is packed with old school punk rock goodness.i really think youre going to like this as usual its time to crank this sucker up,enjoy some classic punk rock and then leave a comment on it.thanks!
UK subs demos

The Lurkers - Peel Sessions

REPOST REQUEST:while gobby junior is asleep ill continue with the peel reposts.this is another band that i have fond memories of seeing over the years,this set comprises their peel sessions from '77 and also some other BBC punk sessions.a great compilation for your collections.although its not the complete bbc punk sessions which used to be on the blog but now isnt(not sure why)so play this loud,pogo till your legs explode,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Lurkers peel sessions

Laurel Aitken and The ruts - Peel Session repost

Repost request time.its laurel aitken with his backing band for the day The Ruts.4 tracks from a peel session here.please listen enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks
Laurel aitken peel session


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