Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keith Levene - Violent Opposition repost request

an interesting one for clash completists is this album from one time clash member keith levene."This was Levene's first proper release. 12 tracks mostly made up of instrumentals or covers versions. The majority of tracks come from his two previous EP releases" (from wikipedia).two of the cover versions are the ska classics 'liquidator' and 'double barrel'.its an interesting album and one you should now you just have to listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks! p.s thanks to neil in lewisham for this one
violent opposition here!


Ron said...

Thanks For this post !!

burt said...

interesting album, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks Gobshyte!

Longy said...

Nice one gobshyte. Never knew this existed to be honest. Cheers mate.

gobshyte said...

you are all welcome!

FamousGeorge said...

If you want to see more Keith Levene then Im running a bootleg channel on youtube and Im updating it all the time. Some interesting stuff on there including some tracks from this album. Go to

Nice blog btw!

T said...

Levene's genius really shines on V.O. Check out his website:

Anonymous said...


I was wondering please could you re-upload this lp by Keith Levene.
I have never heard of it before and would love to hear this



Anonymous said...


Not sure if my first message worked or not.
could you please re-upload this one.
i have never heard of it and would love to hear it.
loved PIL for many years but only just starting to get into Keith Levenes stuff


Anonymous said...

Thanks A Million mate Cany waitg to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Gob bless ye

Anonymous said...

Keiths new release is Search for Absolute Zero and its stunning. WWW.KEITHLEVENELIVE.COM


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