Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paul Weller - Live at the BBC

evening all.a great treat this evening courtesy of reg is this live offering from up and coming solo artist mr. paul weller.its a very recent gig recorded at the bbc and includes some songs from the jam and style council and various solo hits etc.its got great sound so i know youll like it.all you need now is to listen ,enjoy and then if you like please leave a comment.thanks!
bruce says click this


lemonflag said...


David said...

Thanks Gobshyte

Monomod said...

Hey Gob.
The picture sucks. :-)
But still a great post!
Thanks from Hamburg.

Mark Edward Lee said...

I love my Jam, Style Council, and Mr. Weller! So, THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, this is a great site.

nwt679 said...

Great post. Cheers.


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