Saturday, April 3, 2010

Steve Jones - Fantasy 7 Demos

a rarely heard band from the early 90's that included the legendary steve never heard of them but i got a cd-r of this from camden dave today so i thought id post it here.anyway i hope you all listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


lidge 84 said...

love Steve Jones guitar sound,in everything he has done,pistols,professionels,greedies,Neurotic outsiders,looking forward to this..Thanx for another great download

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!!! Thanks


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Woo men, it´s really great to find out this demos. I´m listenning to them everyday since i did the download.
I also posted it on my blogspot- rocking in the jails.

Thank you very much for this pearl of rock !!!

keep on the good work!!!


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