Thursday, April 8, 2010

999 - The Albion Years

to round things off this evening is this snappily titled compilation from 999.consisting of material recorded between '81 and '84 its a good compilation and features a mix of live tracks,alternate versions etc.if your a fan of the band already then you should like this.some of the tracks do sound a bit discoish though which is a little weird but on the whole an interesting have a listen,enjoy and if you have a moment please leave a comment.thanks!
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jimmy said...

good stuff.
13th Floor Madness (1984)
is an album I'm looking for a long time,This would help me in something.thank you.

roberto said...

thanks for this,yes is a little bit weird,but still fun with some Morricone-Marco Pirroni guitar sound...cheers

Anonymous said...

Too under-rated in this country. These guys are true punk underdogs.
In my 'anon', and humble opinion, they could blow Sham69 etc over the moon.
Maybe they fell foul of the punk 'purists' now and again for their willingness to push bounderies, and experiment with their sound. i think Darwin would agree with me; you gotta adapt to survive.
Cash and Strummer were Pub rock contemporaries...Cash is still fighting.
Many Thanks!

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