Monday, April 19, 2010

Ian Dury - Stockholm 1980

another quality ian dury and the blockheads boot for you all this evening.its recorded in stockholm in 1980 and its another top quality show sound wise.i dont have aything else to say on this except listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
uncle ian says click here


Longy said...

Super posting young man. Cheers Gobshyte

Jack The Lad said...

Ian is great!

Seany Rotten said...

Nice post. Has anyone Ian's Peel Session?

gobshyte said...

longy,anytime old bean!
jack the lad,yes he is
seany rotten,thanks mate.i havent got his peel session which i know was part of a mega 8cd boxset release.does anyone have this?

gobshyte said...

or even the peel session on its own would also be great!!thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Love the Ian Dury! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

oi loikes !

.. tanqee

steppen_e said...

Can you help me get a copy of this concert. I live in Sweden and I was on that show! It´s one of the best concerts I`ve seen. it would be great to walk down memory lane with Ian.


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