Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lords of The New Church - Live 1984

a great live show from stiv bators and friends for you this evening.its a good audience recording and its got good sound and 13 tracks for your listening pleasure.nothing else to say really except listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Longy said...

Many thanks for this gObShYtE.Top man.

gobshyte said...

a pleasure mr. longy sir!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this,they were so great live and the 1st albums a masterpeace thanks again for such a great blog,

nekrodad said...

thanks alot matey, i had this once and lost it. so thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I never heard this band, maybe one song on the radio when they debuted, then never again, so I forgot about them

Anonymous said...

megaupload is down
can you reup please?
thanks from France


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