Thursday, May 13, 2010

Madness - Live in Milan

greetings listeners.for your listening pleasure today we have this recent italian show from londons own nutty surprises with the track listing really but its always nice to hear them play 'tarzans nuts' which is included comes from an italian fm source so the sound is very good as youd expect but the dj presenting the show interupts occasionally at the beginning of songs which can be annoying but its a great listen now just listen,enjoy and if you like leave a comment.thanks to neil for this show by the way,cheers mate.
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Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

So which one is best this one or the one over at Life in Monochrome?

They are the same show or different?

Either way it's great as you say to hear "Tarzan's Nuts"


Anonymous said...


Thanks to Neil
And thanks to you .....

Big thanks to you both ....


Great Dane

gobshyte said...

hi marky.its the same show mate so i reckon its probably the same source.yes tarzans nuts is a classic

no probs Great Dane,youre welcome!

gypsymuse said...

Oh Goodie
found your site with the Sept10 madness show.
They are on the hard side to find.

Since I don't know what Ska is....but I do adore madness and I know they do's not exactly what I seem to find!

saw you have a few Promising likns off you site so thanks lots there!!

EEF!! I keep forgetting european and american dating are different I first looked at this show and thought august and saw your may posting...Blush...OOPS!

Thanks for the post...and doing it in Mega!!! RapidScare takes forever on multiple upps and most sites seem to do that! ARGH! I luv you for that wonderful Detail!!

didn't know that the fellows were still togather and performing!


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