Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Specials - Live Newcastle 79

i got home from work a few hours ago and look what i found in the letterbox.camden dave got this from a torrentty place or lime wire or something and did me a copy of it.its great to hear some new specials stuff.the sounds pretty good for a 30 year old audience recording.its just great to hear the specials from 1979 just to reaffirm that they sound as good today as they did back then.anyway you know everything about the band by now so its just time for me to be quiet and for you to listen(on a decent pair of headphones!)enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Mike said...

Thanks, great post.

Budtheweiser said...

wonderful find mate

Anonymous said...

it's the good place to be !

all the best
Judge Fredd

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this up.
Many thanks to Camden Dave for sourcing it.
Have dug around a bit and have the following info for everyone:-

the gig was at The Mayfair in Newcastle on the 9th November 1979.

Also on the bill was Madness & The Selecter, awesome!

Hope this helps yo guys out there, if we all share info etc the world would be a much better place....

Great blog keep it up!

Mr C.
[Very sunny southampton]

Paolo Meccano said...

Thanks for posting this - much appreciated.

Captain Skalett said...

All hail the King. Great one.

Cheers. Paul

Paul from Brighton said...

Got last night.
Many Thanks.

biopunk said...

Thanks again gobshyte!


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