Saturday, August 1, 2009

White Stripes - Peel Sessions

ok then here we go with the white stripes and their mega collection of tracks recorded for mr. peel.ive been listening to this collection today and its a bit of a grower if you know what i mean.again a band i know nothing about but i do have a few tracks of theres on my eyepod.this is a mega collection of songs (well 26 actually) so im wondering how many sessions it was recorded in.i asked a mate who told me it was two recorded in july and november 2001 but who knows.i looked on wikipedia but there is so much info about them that it started to hurt my brain with all the reading i had to if your like me and you quite like the band but know nothing about them, then go here and get busy reading.theres two links here but thats because it came on 2 cd's and so i could u/l it to now all you need to do is read,listen,enjoy and leave a comment.oh and if someone knows where i can get the artwork for these or if someone makes a cover for it please get in touch.thanks!


Lasse said...

Hi & thanks for a great blog.

Your friend is correct. The White Stripes made two Peel-sessions during 2001. The first one was held on the 25:th of July and the second on the 8:th of November.

The first one kicks off with their debut single Let's Shake Hands and ends with the unreleased Baby Blue.

The second show starts with Lord Send Me An Angel and ends with Little People. I hope your files follows the correct order inbetween these starting- and ending-points.

Overall, I think these two shows are essential for all White Stripes-fans. The playfullness is wonderful and the fact none of the songs are played twice, makes this a must!

Dave C said...

Thanks for the post. I'm listening to disc 1 at this moment and it's great. Can't wait to hear disc 2. Awesome work for putting it out there.

alan f said...

thanks a lot for this one. great uploads for all White Stripes fans.


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