Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Cherry Bombz - House of Ecstasy

i picked this up recently in the record and tape exchange shop in greenwich.(if your in london go there and check their bargain basement)i hadnt heard of the band before but when i saw that members include terry chimes(ex-clash) and dave tregunna (sham 69) i had to get also features ex members of hanoi rocks and er...... toto coelo.its a combination of live tracks and studio cuts etc.its got a glam kind of sound but thats probably the 'hanoi' influence shining through.they actually also remind me of the band from the film waynes world.listen to the song 'aint what you do' and youll see what i mean!so hopefulyy you'll listen and enjoy it,like it and then leave a comment on it.thanks!


stephenaquinn said...

Thanks for another great post. I've grabbed a few for my ipod, great work.

dz said...

great stuff. Theres some more of them over here, if anyone's interested.

Longy said...

Cheers Gobshyte. I totally forget about this lot. A nice bit of Glam punk!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

This band would have been even better with a different singer, relly let the side down in my opinion, saying that say 'em enough times live, so they can't have been that bad. All the best

Anonymous said...


I used to have this but alas lost over the years like so many records. I'm sure you know how it is!!


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