Monday, August 31, 2009

Peter and The Test Tube Babies - Live and Loud

this is a 1990 release from the test tube was the first record of theirs that i bought from a great record shop in camden.anyway the band originally formed in 1978 and after recording a session for mr. peel they made their vinyl debut being featured on a compilation of brighton bands called ' vaultage 78'.always a band ive wanted to see live but havent managed to yet but they still do gigs occasionally so theres always hope.this is a great live album and features a furious version of my fave 'banned from the pubs' and the always funny 'elvis is dead'.this deserves a place in your without further ado please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s my scanner is being a bastard at the moment so i had to get the covers from the interweb.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for this one.
"Moped Lads" was always a good tune.
Used to crack me up!
You can still find "moped lads" if you look in most towns & cities, all these years later.
Great blog as always.
Best Wishes,
Mr C.

gobshyte said...

cheers Mr. C,always a pleasure!

664 said...

thanks for all the great stuff you post here! don't bother going to see peter and the test tube babies. they get wrecked before they play and really are a disgrace - if you've paid good money to see em. I once asked Peter about his behaviour at Antifest in the Czech Republic and he couldn't remember anything about it.


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