Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Sham Pistols - Live

tonights post is a bit of a ' what if?'.it is the recording of the only and only time the sham pistols played live together, if somewhat is what wikipedia had to say about it.
"The Sham Pistols were a group that never really existed. After the break up of The Sex Pistols, guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook were looking to form a new band. Various names were mentioned as new bandmates including Bob Geldof, but it was vocalist Jimmy Pursey and bass player Dave Treganna from fellow punk band Sham 69 who were recruited.
At what was intended to be Sham's final concert at the Glasgow Apollo Theatre on June 29, 1979 Jones and Cook had joined Sham onstage for the encore of "Pretty Vacant", "White Riot", "If the Kids are United" and "What Have We Got"? This was to be the start of the new band. Time was spent in the studio where two songs were recorded - "Some Play Dirty" and "Natural Born Killer" (which was later reworked as The Professionals' "Kick Down the Doors"). However problems around deciding the name of the new group (Pursey favoured using 'The Sham Pistols'), and arguments within the band meant that it was not to be. On 19 August Jones and Cook walked out of a recording session,with Jones saying "It's worse than working with Rotten". The studio recordings have never seen the light of day, but the encore at the Glasgow Apollo was released on Sham's Last Stand and Sham 69 Live in Glasgow 1979. The latter miscredits the Sham song "George Davis is Innocent (also known as "The Cockney Kids are Innocent" and "Everybody's Innocent") as the Sex Pistols' "No One is Innocent".
so there you have it kids.if only?id like to hear those studio tracks so if anyones got them please get in its time again to listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Longy said...

I'd also like to hear those studio tracks gobshyte. I've got a feeling I never will though.

Anonymous said...

the prefects-live 1978
the nightingales-live
the rich kids-live barbarella

James Jesus said...

Thanks for posting... Always wanted to hear this - since 1979!! I had imagined that Cook & Jones were present for the whole show - too bad, but still very interesting

biopunk said...

This was great! Thanks very much for this piece of punk history. A total what if...?

bobfarmer136 said...

Always learn something new on the net. I hope the studio tracks surface.

Anonymous said...

Theres a new 12" Bootleg out now

Studio Side: Natural Born Killer/ You & Me/ Trainspotter/ Individual (Manor Studios June 79)

Live Side: Pretty Vacant/ White Riot/ If The Kids Are United/ What Have We Got (Glasgow Apollo June 79)



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