Saturday, March 3, 2012

P.I.L - The Riot Show (repost request)

for your listening pleasure this evening we present to you the'infamous riot show' from P.I.L recorded in New York in 1981.for the full story of this gig please go here...... .to listen to this infamous recording please click here.......

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p.s many thanks to bristolboy at for his techie assistance on my reposting request.cheers!


Longy said...

Thank you young man. This sounds very interesting indeedy.

gobshyte said...

cheers should click the link that tells all about the gig if you havent already.its a great read mate

Anonymous said...

Damn I was searching this for so long, cheers! :DDD

Anonymous said...

You got a nice collection of PIL stuff. Thanks for charing

// restless_natives

jjreding said...

Thanks for this brilliant post. Contrary to the two descriptions I read about this show there was significantly more music than they had given credit for.

Also, I found the Clash show on your list that I was looking for - Akron Civic in 1982 - but I scrolled all the way through and couldn't find the Pittsburgh show a few days later I was also looking for. Could you check and post it if you've got it please. Thanks, Jeff.

p.s. - I'm gonna be posting the interview I did with them in Akron soon on the blackmarketclash website, just so's you're aware.


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