Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ruts DC v Mad Professor v Zion Train

This collection contains the Ruts DC & Mad Professor album RHYTHM COLLISION DUB VOL. 1 (1982) plus the remixed version by Zion Train RHYTHM COLLISION REMIX (1999).a re-release of Ruts DC's definitive punk/reggae fusion record Rhythm Collision Vol. 1. This version is further enhanced with five 12'' bonus and vocal remixes. Originally released on the band's own Bohemian Records, this album was immensely influential in UK punk/reggae circles, and was subsequently re-released on the New York Roir label.

i got this version on a cdr from camden dave unfortunately with no covers so ive had to use what i could find on the interweb.sorry about that.if anyone has the cover from this is there any chance they could scan and post somewhere for me?i do like to burn all the cds i get and have covers for them so that would be lovely.

ok then you can skank about slowly while you listen to this,enjoy the vibes, then walk to the computer and type a comment.thanks so much!


martin41smith said...

Thanx for this, i will give it a blast, i thought they did punk/reg really well

Mark said...


Andy T said...

Cheers for this, just missed them at the ritz in manchester, finding somewhere to park, bugger.
Playing at rebellion though & so am I.

D. said...

can i get a re-up of this one? thanks. just heard animal now and digging it


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