Saturday, March 10, 2012

Penetration - Race Against Time re-post

ages and ages ago someone requested this(i think!)so here it is and here is what the wonderful P5 blog had to say about it.

"On this date in 1980, Penetration released their third album, Race Against Time. The A side consisted of demos made between 1977 and 1978. The B side were live tracks recorded between 1978 and 1979. The album was made to look like a bootleg because of contractual issues with the record company and the fact that the band had disbanded a few months before. The punk band, fronted by Pauline Murray, was from Newcastle, England. "

so there you have it.please listen enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Longy said...

I still have this on vinyl somewhere. A white cover if I remember correctly.

Hey The Specials were bloody brilliant last night gobshyte. I expected good but never THAT good :-)

Marky Dread said...

Ta for this one mate been looking a while for it now. Cheers.

bazzil said...

Thanks, I've never heard this.
I have their 1st two albums and Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls self-titled. Used to listen to them alot back in the day.
So this'll be a bit of a treat.


Anonymous said...

don't forgotten us rich kids-rock goes to college.
good job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ,I first saw this group live at the round house in 1978,when I was fourteen years old,great concert as well!!! thanks

Chris said...

Been after this for years.....cant begin to tell you how grateful i am !

Spikes Rotten said...

Discovering and rediscovering some more sounds from your blog . Especially Clash and Specials postings. Please check out my blog or maybe add me to your links if you like

Am hoping to start posting more frequently in the future . Cheers .

Llewelyn said...

Pauline Murray yes yes yes...
Good sound to these songs.Really like it thanks.

As I cannot upload the RAR files in your older posts I dont suppose you could re-do them as Zip files like the latest ones as I really would like to get more Clash etc.

I am quite new to this and I hope to be able to start copying some of the live stuff I have on Vinyl and Tape onto my hard drive soon.

I might need help in creating a page like yours.

gobshyte said...

hi llewelyn.i cant change older posts to zip files.far too much work easy solution is for you to download winrar or other type of file compressor/extractor from and then you can listen to any files you want.enjoy!

Llewelyn said...

Thanks for advice.
I have downloaded the winrar and it works. Quite a bit slower and a bit messy but that might just be me.
Cheers mate.


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