Friday, March 6, 2009

The Specials - Speaks Club '80

this is a recording from the last date of the specials first U.S tour in 1980 (apparently) and a belter of a show it is too.the sound for the first couple of tracks is a bit muffled but still listenable.then after that its a great sounding gig for the rest of the 25 or so tracks.featuring on stage introductions from the always wonderful debby harry this is a great one for your collection.featuring some nice artwork in the file for you to print out as after playing and enjoying come back and leave a comment.thanks!


princecharly said...

thank you for all the Specials & Clash stuff you've given me

Mike said...

Thanks, I'm downloading this as we speak I'm sure it will be good. A gem from when Jerry Dammers was with them.

biopunk said...

Another great post Gobshyte, Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I was at this show and it remains one of the most memorable I've ever seen. They played until dawn! I'm really looking forward to hearing it again. Thanks for putting it up here


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