Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Clash - Dr.Pepper Festival

hi there listeners.for your enjoyment this afternoon or evening depending on which part of the world you are in as i type this i give you The Clash at the three day dr. pepper festival held in new york in was held in the outdoors at a place called pier usual if you go to you will find lots of info about all 3 days of the festival.i have got all 3 of the clash performances here for you and i have to say that the sound on no.3 is easily the best.thats not to say that the other 2 arent good they just arent great if you know what i without much further waffle from me here are the link after youve listened and enjoyed come back and leave a comment.thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Rob in the US 505--
I was at the three Clash shows on Pier 84. This wasn't a three day festival. Dr. Pepper sponsored a summer long series of shows on the pier (West side of midtown Manhattan on the Hudson River)for several years back then. Seating was general admission so we always got to the shows by noon so as to be upfront. If I recall correctly the gates opened at 6PM. A shame that there aren't any soundboards from the Clash shows; they were fantastic those nights. The crowds' arses never touched their seats!


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