Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Undertones - Peel Sessions (Happy St Patricks Day)

top of the morning to you all!seeing as today is st.patricks day and i am irish i thought it would be silly not to give this gift to you of a little bit of ireland.its a compilation of peel sessions recorded by derrys finest the undertones over a period of 3 years ( i think).anyway play it tonight when you have a pint of guinness for me and dance the night away.then after enjoying it and waking up tomorrow with the king of hangovers tiptoe gently to your computers and very quietly leave a comment.thanks!


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Jason said...

A little know fact about the Undertones first Peel Session is that John Peel himself financed it personally. When the band was offered the session they couldn’t afford to travel from Derry to London, so the great man himself stepped in a paid (out of his own pocket) for the band to record the session in Belfast.


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