Monday, March 2, 2009

Lloyd Terrell,The Specials and friends

here is a small specials related post i hope you all enjoy.we have 'birth control' by lloyd terrell and the specials updated version 'too much too young'.then we have the original version of '96 Tears' by ? and the mysterians and a demo version recorded by the specials in 1981.and finally we have the title track from the film 'guns of navarone' followed by the skatalites version and then the live specials version we all know and love.incidentally if anyone has any info on the demo sessions that resulted in the specials version of 96 tears please get in touch via the comments you know that now you have to listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s liam_ska has just informed me that the version of 96 tears is actually an early demo recorded by the fun boy 3 and not the specials.sorry for the mistake folks.i hope you enjoy it though

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