Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Specials - Stereotype Live Dutch tv

evening all.i thought id post this for you today as the last lot of specials videos seemed quite popular.this is a performance of the song from the dutch t.v show out for a great performance from jerry.also included here for your enjoyment is an mp3 of the footage so you can put it on your i-pod thingys or on a cd etc etc.anyhoo play the video on your tv,dance around like jerry dammers and the listen to the tune on your cd player.enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hello mate !
Thanks a lot !

All the best
Judge Fredd !

Mike said...

Thanks for the pointer to your blog, I must admit I've had nearly all the Specials and The Jam Stuff. Many thanks for all of it.

Anonymous said...

Countdown was THE dutch music show at that moment with all the big names miming in the studio can't remember this performance though, cheers


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