Monday, October 20, 2008

****Important Message no.2****

ok then loyal readers.this may be the last post for the next few weeks as i am in the middle of organising a house move back to London from sunny spain!most of my stuff is packed up and ready for shipping so until i get settled in a new flat and sort an internet connection out i wont be able to do any posting.hmmmm....unless i use the computer at my new job,thats a possibility unless the boss finds out.
so coming later this month we have more great live concerts from the specials,some excellent clash live boots,a film from the clash called 'on broadway' by don letts,some clash remix mashup type of things and a whole load of other top music related goodies and more to stay tuned to mondo-de-muebles for possible occasional updates live and direct from my new job.if there is anyone who has requests etc either leave them in the comments or in the c-box.thanks a lot to everyone who has been leaving messages recently,they are really appreciated.
see ya later
p.s fredd the photos are coming soon i promise!!!!

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