Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Specials - A message to you rudy videos

todays first post is another specials video/performance combination.first the official video and a performance of the song from the old grey whistle test.theres also a few cover scans from different releases of the single for you all to enjoy as play the videos,use the cover scans to make t-shirts,dance about a bit,enjoy the live performance and then leave a comment.thanks!

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Anonymous said...

The Beat..Mix
Tears Of A Clown
Rankin"Full Stop
Mirror In The Bathroom
Mirror In The Dubroom
Hands Of She's Mine
Stand Down Margaret
Whine & Grine
I Confess
Doors Of Your Heart
Twist & Crawl
Too Nice To Talk To
Psychedlic Rock
Save It For Later
Cant Get Used To Losing You

The Specials..Mix
01.Stereotype (pt 1/2).
02.Rat Race.
03.Gangsters (org/rmx).
04.Man From C & A.
06.Hey Little Rich Girl.
07.Ghost Town (org/rmx).
08.Sock It To Em JB!!.
09.Enjoy Yourself.
10.Doesn't Make It Alright.
11.Blank Expression.
12.A Message To You Rudy.
13.Stupid Marriage.
14.Too Much Too Young.
15.Its Up To You.
16.You're Wondering.

Feel free to post on your blog.that gos for any post of mine.


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