Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Specials - live at the moonlight club

this is a great vinyl bootleg from 1979 which was officially released in the early 1990's.i have both versions and i have to say this is slightly better with some nice imitation 2-tone art work.a short set of 10 songs of excellent quality.listen,dance ,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!


Dr. Kylldare said...

Do you know the exact date of the gig?
Thanks in advance

gobshyte said...

it was recorded on 2nd may 1979.thanks for stopping by

Dr. Kylldare said...

Not the last time I'll stop by your great blog!!!
Thanks again

biopunk said...

This is soooo good!

I'd heard of it, but never heard it. I am amazed at the quality for a live recording.

Thanks to Decca Studios for that and thank you gobshyte for putting it up!

Sonchey said...

hello mate. is this post the vinyl bootleg rip version? only i thought it was supposed to have the 'this ones for the bouncers' on monkey man that they used on the first specials lp.


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