Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Italian Job - original soundtrack

one of the films along with the great escape i never get bored of of the greatest theme tunes ever as well in 'self preservation society'.the film is full of quotable dialouge as well and the best car chase in a british film ever.all the jail scenes were filmed in a famous disused prison in dublin as well.while digging this cd out of the archives i came across a 12" single remix of the theme tune.ill post scans from it later if someone can let me know whether they have it as an mp3 to post.that would be put this on,chill for a bit with the sweet stylings of matt monro and quincy jones and sing along with the self preservation society.then leave a comment.thanks!


biopunk said...

Wooo! Another great one Gobshyte! Thanks most kindly!

gobshyte said...

no probs biopunk.glad you like it


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