Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ruts - Ruts in a can

this is an amazing collection of rare, unreleased material.The remaining Ruts band members agreed to release their original recordings made before signing to Virgin. This is a must for all Ruts and Punk fans alike. This collectors tin contains the original versions of their hits "Babylon's Burning" (No.7, 1979), "Something That I Said" (No.29, 1979 ), as well as their debut single "In A Rut". Also featured are the original versions of "H-Eyes" and classics like "Society", "Criminal Minds", "Gotta Little Number", "You're Just A...", "Savage Circle" and "Give Youth A Chance". Recorded over three different sessions, this album, compiled and remastered by the band themselves (who also supplied liner notes) is Punk rock history!
if you get the chance to get the original of this i highly recommend you do.its a superb the meantime play this one instead,listen,enjoy,dont get in a rut but do leave a comment.thanks!

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