Sunday, May 15, 2016


Well ladies and gents for the first time in almost a year the boxes in the wardrobe are being dusted down and re-examined as (for the time being anyway!)we are now back in business.its time to get back to posting choice punk,ska,film soundtracks and everything else in between.ive got a bunch of reposts to work through first so if you'll put up with those first ,then we can begin. reposts will begin this week most likely tomorrow as i begin the first of 5 days off work!!thankyou very much to those of you who have kept visiting,downloading and occasionally leaving comments. normal service is about to resume.thanks very much for your patience.
oh yes one more thing if you have seen any dead links you would like reposting ,then please please get in touch via comments or the message box thingy further down the page.muchas gracias amigos!


Joey X said...

Welcome back!

biopunk said...

Good to see you back among the blogging, Gobby!

batfan63 said...

Welcome Back!!!! And Thank You so very much! The Jam and The Clash are always appreciated!!!!

Christopher tm said...

Good to see you!



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