Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Clash - If music could talk vol. 1 + 2

Repost : this is a strange clash boot for you all today.i got it as a 2 disk cd-r a few days ago and honestly had never heard of it seems to be a compilation of other bootlegs from 'd.o.a' and 'rudeboy' etc.theres also some live tracks from unknown(to me anyway)sources but disk 2 has a few remixes etc that ive not heard recently and some mescaleros live pieces etc.also on disk 1 is a track called 'rudy ska' that is supposedly a recording from the clash and the specials but to me it doesnt sound like either of them(in fact i know it definitely isnt so not sure why its on here!).i think this bootleg was originally taken from vinyl sources or at least a vinyl version seems to exist.i must see if have any info on its have a listen and tell me what you think.if anything its another for the clash completists out then enjoy it and leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Vol. 1 Blocked Already By mediashit...Sadly,The Same Goes To Louie Louie Post...
Any Chance For Re-Up ?
Thank You For What You Share.

gobshyte said...

vol 1 is fine and ready for download will try and sort Louie Louie a bit later

gobshyte said...

the link for louie louie is also working fine now!!

Anonymous said...

A Strange Thing Happens Lately With mediafire.
The First Time I Click To D/L I Got The Message Of 'Access Denied' Just Like The Link Is Blocked But At A Second Try,I Got The Link Ready To D/L !!!
So Repeat Entering The Link And Don't Give Up.

Dirk said...

Great to see you back in form, my friend: it was a long pause from October to January! Top stuff, as usual, and I'm looking forward to download it on the weekend.

All the best,

Dirk from Sexyloser


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