Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Ruts - Covers,Remixes,Mashups

Afternoon all.this little post you see before you is a nice 15 track collection of ruts and ruts dc cover versions,remixes and mashups.One of the tracks is the ruts themselves recorded in cardiff in 78 i think and is a brilliant version of Jah war with malcolm owen being on top form.a few versions of babylons burning,jah war etc and other songs you all know and love. i have more tracks for a vol.2 and will get round to posting them please listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Ruts Covers


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!

Regards from germany

Dermot Meehan said...

This looks great. Looking forward to listening to it.

Anonymous said...

thanks.we want the rest, or a vol 2!!!!!


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