Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Joe Strummer - This is Radio Joe

Evening listeners.As requested by Johnny Caramello here is a repost of this great compilation , consisting of a don letts radio 6 show tribute to joe strummer and 4 'episodes' of joe strummers show for the bbc world service.i dont know a track list for joes shows but after a quick listen it strikes me as being a kind of john peel type of show where joe would play whatever he liked which included the ramones, big youth, ella fitzgerald etc.each of joes shows lasts about 30 mins so they make ideal podcast kind of listening.anyway they make for an interesting listen and i like them and hope you will once again kids its time to listen, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
This is Radio Joe


4 dogs records said...

You're always the best!
Happy week end!

lazy said...

LSK - Straight To Hell, I gave my 12" of this to Don! after a sound clash I had with him at The Concorde 2 in brighton,I have the gig on MD but dont have a player any more to play it:(but yes thats mine hes playin!) Oh And I won it with help from friends (sorry guys).I do hope those links for joe stay up a bit so you better get dling my friend:)

revolution rock said...

thanks for this one!


biopunk said...

Hey gobshyte, cool that you posted this when you did. That first London Calling show was the last one I recorded off the BBC world service back when, and a couple weeks ago I was trying to remember that song after Hendrix and before "Swingtown" (which I also quite liked...).

Anyhow, thanks again for your excellent posts!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear this again, many thanks!

Colonel Dan said...

When (& If) You Get The Opportunity,Could You Please Re-Post "Joe Strummer - This Is Radio Joe"?
Thanks Very Much.
Colonel Dan

Colonel Dan said...

As Usual,You Have Outdone Yourself (A Giant Tip Of The hat To You!)
Thanks Again,
Colonel Dan

gobshyte said...

no problem Colonel Dan your welcome mate!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff Thanks! Clashcityrocker077

nuevodiscorude said...

great site el mondo de los muebles---...cvada vez hay cosas k me encantan!!! GRACIAS --banda rude

JohnnyCaramello said...

Unfortunately the link has expired...
Anyway, thanks for the good work :)


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