Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Jam - Beat Surrender Tour program

Evening all.a quick post this evening from mr weller and his merry men is this 20 page souvenir tour program from the Beat Surrender tour in 1982. Lots of photos of the guys and ads for clothes shops in Londons swinging Carnaby Street. Its in a pdf format so you wont have any problems reading it. I put it on my kindle to read  much easier than on a laptop or desktop computer. So after thanking camden dave for this(long time no see mate!)please read,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
beat surrender 82


Herr Pauli said...

GUTEN MORGEN from germany,

wonderful stuff ! thanx a lot !

have a great day
Herr Pauli

richie said...

thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Totally cool! Thanks.

Frédéric BOEUF said...

Hello !!
this is really nice to make it available !!
thanks once more
Judge Fredd

gobshyte said...

merci monsieur fredd!hope all is well with you my friend!


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