Saturday, June 29, 2013

UK Subs - Punk can take it !

Evening all. Ok bit of a story behind this post.Ive been reading an excellent book while i was on holiday in Galway last week called "The palace and the punks" by Tony Hill. Its all about the ups and downs of a club called The Grey Topper. Based on personal recollections and interviews with musicians who played there, people who went to and worked there, it is a wonderful picture of life and a story a lot of us will be able to connect with and remind us of our youths. A very warm and a lot of the time laugh out loud funny story (wait till you read the one about adam ants jacket!!) it is a wonderful read and i highly recommend you buy it. You can get it on amazon here the palace and the punks in paperback and kindle versions at a very good price. Anyway there is a wonderful story about the UK Subs and it mentions a short film called "Punk can take it" directed by Julian Temple. Id never heard of it before so i asked Camden Dave what he knew of it and whether he had it. Lo and behold here it is. Its directed in a mock wartime public information style and features a mix of live footage and staged pieces too with guest appearances from the likes of Ed Tudorpole etc. When released it apparently played as an opener to the film Scum the brutal prison film with Ray Winstone. So its over to you guys to watch, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!!
p.s dont forget to check out the book you wont regret it
Punk can take it!!


Anonymous said...

You can get the film as part of the new Subs CD Punk Essentials. It's a double and the second disc contains the film.
Greetings from Hamburg


Thank you for your fantastic site, keep up the good work!!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

A rare gem, classic stuff, cheers Gobshyte and Dave, been after seeing this for years.

Sparks (Marky Dread) said...

It's been on youtube for years now. It's interesting to see some of the scenes like the shooting of the hippie guy are really Temple's idea from the Swindle movie.

Marky D.

Tony said...

Someone mentioned your blog in an amazon review of my book, thanks for your glowing review too! One of the best things that happened writing the book was putting on the UK Subs gig and sitting back stage with Charlie drinking and chatting with him into the night. I'm sure he told me loads of interesting things that would have made it into the book but I was too pissed by then to remember (after the stress of trying to get the gig on!)So glad they won the BBC 6 Music Punk World Cup last year.
The book is mentioned on the folloing blog too
Best wishes
Tony Hill

Tony said...

saw your amazon post - if you'd like to email me send to - would be great if you could change your amazon review to the lovely words you said about The Palace and the Punks above ;-) be great to have that permanently linked to the book on amazon (not sure if you can edit or delete and re-post)
Many thanks again for your endorsement and I'm intrigued about the Man Utd thing you have to tell me about?
Best wishes


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