Friday, May 31, 2013

Joe Strummer - KCRW Radio 30.9.99

Evening listeners.This is a post from a folder labelled "Strummer Various" thats been sitting around on the hard drive twiddling its thumbs for months waiting patiently to be posted. Its a 45 min show recorded in September of 1999 for KCRW radio and is a mix of an acoustic number or two, interviews which include his thoughts on 8track tapes and other assorted randomness and a selection of Joe's favourite tunes. anyway this is the first of several joe related posts to come (from this folder i mentioned earlier )very soon, including live shows and more interviews etc its over to you guys to listen enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Joe on KCRW


biopunk said...

Thanks again Gobby!

Lorca Guernica said...

Cheers for all the Strummer finds!
Much obliged. Great blog you've got here.

- Lorca

E Craig said...

This is great!



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