Friday, December 14, 2012

The Specials - Mashups,Remixes and Covers

Evening all in interweb land. This is a post thats been kicking around on the hard drive for a while waiting patiently to be posted. Ive been listening to the recent brilliant live on radio6 post from The Specials that i got here at auralscuptors and i remembered that i had this one ready to go. I suppose its an expanded version of an earlier post i did called mashups and remixes and is in a similar sort of vein to the clash post outside broadcasts.anyway this has got 26 tracks in total for your listening pleasure and does exactly as it says on the cover.some interesting collaborations including tom jones and the wu tang clan amongst others. anyway i hope you find something on there that you like so now please listen,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks
Rudy says click here!


richie said...

thanx for this,looking forward
to this


Anonymous said...

thanks mate for this one.made my weekend.alan.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thank you gobshyte Sir, I do appreciate..

Lord George Jerry said...

Oooooops, upon closer listen, there is a song #18 'You're Wondering Now' with a weird "Yeah yeah" coda chant in NO in '80; so, "-Intro., 1. (Dawning Of A) New Era, 2. Do The Dog, 3. It's Up To You, 4. Monkey Man, 5. Rat Race, 6. Blank Expression, 7. Rude Boys Outta Jail, 8. Concrete Jungle, 9. Too Hot, 10. Doesn't Make It Alright, 11. Stupid Marriage, 12. Too Much Too Young, 13. Guns Of Navarone, 14. Little Bitch, {B}15. A Message To You Rudy, 16. Nite Klub, 17. Gangsters, 18. You're Wondering Now" and though I have no memory of them, it's pretty clear that Rico Rodriguez= trombone and Dick Cuthell= flugel horn are present.GFS

bernardo de andres herrero said...

fantastic rev thanks


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